Friday, December 16, 2011

Fanart Friday: Randall Flagg from The Stand

There are a few characters, both in film and literature, that just stick around. Some are like Dumbledore, physical and emotional embodiments of the words on the page that are strong and fixed in my mind. Others are more ambiguous, they're a pervasive reminder of an emotion that was evoked when I read the book or watched the film. Randall Flagg, the dark man, is one such character. If you've read Stephen King's phenomenal book The Stand you'll know what I mean. If you haven't, well, it might be hard to explain. Randall Flagg may have a corporeal form but he's far more insidious than that. He's like black smoke, a chill on the wind, the shadows that stir in your bedroom. He's everything you fear and hate and despair of. He's terrifying and one of the single most evocative characters I've ever read. These artists have done amazings jobs capturing the darkness and shiftiness of his character, be sure to check out the full size pictures at the link, as well as the rest of their work.

The Dark Man by LynxGriffin
Randall Flagg by Clayman 84

The Stand by Chris (Mooneyham)


  1. These are all better than the Randall Flagg in the TV miniseries. Who was mostly lame. As was the whole miniseries...

  2. I love these. You always pick out the best characters!

  3. Thanks Kathy! I'm running short on ideas, so if there's anyone you have in mind...

    Laura, I've purposely stayed far away from the mini-series. I haven't heard a single good thing about it. The graphic novel adaptation is really great though, so if you ever feel like seeing it in some form of visual medium I'd suggest that route!



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