Friday, December 30, 2011

Big Bookish Plans for 2012

With 2012 peeking around the corner I figured  I'd share exactly what will be happening on Nylon Admiral in the coming year. For the most part it'll be same as what you're used to. I'll be reading and reviewing but I'll also be taking part in a couple of challenges. I've tried to keep my challenge list down because I don't want to feel forced to read anything, but I think the three challenges I've picked will be able to be spread out enough to keep me happy. Along with these three I'll probably join a few read-a-longs and book club-ish type things but none of those have yet been set in stone. Also, I've created a new tab 2012 Challenges and you can check out my progress on there!

2012 Goodreads Challenge.
Aim: 50 books.

*I set myself the goal of 75 books in 2011, but I've decided to lower it to keep the pressure to read off of me. By the end of 2011 when I had to read a final two books in order to succeed with the challenge I felt pushed into reading something shorter just so I could meet the quota I'd decided on. With only 50 books on the table I'll be able to spend more time with the bigger chunkier books that take more time to get through and I'll also be able to balance it a little better with school.

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Challenge.
Hosted by: Booking In Heels.
Aim: To read the 10 books that the characters from The League of Extraordinary Gentleman are based on. This also includes the original graphic novel by Alan Moore.

*I'm really looking forward to this one. Most of the books on this list are classic texts I've been meaning to read for AGES, so it's nice to have a little motivation to finally get through them. I'm also a huge fan of Alan Moore, so any excuse to read another of his graphic novels is a damn fine one!

Sci-fi challenge. 
Hosted by: Curiosity Killed The Bookworm
Aim: One Sci-fi book per month (at least).

*I love science fiction so I'd be reading some each month anyway, but I like the idea of a monthly book to read and review that others will also be reading an discussing. I'll probably stick to the monthly choice Ellie makes, but if any other sci-fi titles grab my attention I'll add them to the list also. FYI book one for the challenge is Zoo City by Lauren Beukes.


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