Sunday, January 23, 2011

A compromise of sorts

This house hunt of mine is taking up more of my time than I had expected so I can't get enough time to put towards the fantastic travel posts I have planned, and sub-par posts are simply an impossible option. So to give you something, a taster of what is to come you could say, I leave you with these 5 photos. A minute snapshot of my stay in Tokyo, a whirlwind week of temples, pop culture, shopping, bar-hopping, Disney, karaoke and New Years celebrations. I clearly demonstrate my superior camera skills in all these photos (*ahem*) so I apologise in advance for what I'm going to put you through over the next few weeks!

Visiting Sensoji Temple at 2am in Asakusa

A favouite building of mine in Asakusa

Tom and friend along one of our neighbourhood walks

The Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall at Tokyo Disneyland

Asahi Beer tower and the 'golden turd'

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Things I learnt in Japan... Part 1 - manga

There is a thin line between hentai (porn manga) and regular manga.

Yaoi (gay manga) is often alongside the most innocent of manga and it can make for some unintentionally awkward moments.

Just because you see youngish girls in a manga store does not mean it doesn't deal almost exclusively in hentai.

And most importantly, the top floor of any manga store is always porn. ALWAYS.

Monday, January 17, 2011


I returned home yesterday to find my city submerged in a large amount of sickly smelling brown water, what a welcome home party right? Luckily I am one of those whose house managed to avoid any damage and still has power so my normal blogging shall resume tomorrow as I have trillions of photos, anecdotes, life lessons etc to share with you all about my wondrous three weeks in the land of the rising sun. Until then I'm going to go see if there is any clean-up I can help out with and confirm with my real estate that although my lease is designated to end in 3 weeks I will be able to stay in the house, seeing as it is currently  impossible to find a house amongst the poor souls who lost not only their belongings to the gushing water but the very homes they lived in.


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