Travel Diaries

2010/11 Christmas Getaway

2014 Whirlwind uni trip
-Tokyo (1)
-Hokkaido (2)
-Tokyo (3)

2012 Sister Catch-up

North America
2013/2014 Winter Holiday

2016 Conference road trip
-New Mexico (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Roswell, White Sands), Arizona (Grand Canyon South Rim), California (Bakersfield, San Francisco)

2015 end of PhD trip
-England (London, Bristol)
-Germany (Cologne, Berlin, Hamburg)
-Denmark (Odense, Copenhagen)
-Sweden (Lund, Malmo)

Travel related posts
-A Day in New York (North America 2013/14)
-I'm hiding from the cold so here's a post about bookish stuff I've done. (North America 2013/14)
-Books and travelling (China 2012)
-Shanghai Panorama (China 2012)
-Monday Links, China Edition - advice, recommendations etc (China 2012)
-Holiday Instagram Snaps (China 2012)
-Things I learnt in Japan - Manga (Japan 2010/11)
-My literary forays into Japan (Japan 2010/11)


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