Sunday, January 23, 2011

A compromise of sorts

This house hunt of mine is taking up more of my time than I had expected so I can't get enough time to put towards the fantastic travel posts I have planned, and sub-par posts are simply an impossible option. So to give you something, a taster of what is to come you could say, I leave you with these 5 photos. A minute snapshot of my stay in Tokyo, a whirlwind week of temples, pop culture, shopping, bar-hopping, Disney, karaoke and New Years celebrations. I clearly demonstrate my superior camera skills in all these photos (*ahem*) so I apologise in advance for what I'm going to put you through over the next few weeks!

Visiting Sensoji Temple at 2am in Asakusa

A favouite building of mine in Asakusa

Tom and friend along one of our neighbourhood walks

The Queen of Heart's Banquet Hall at Tokyo Disneyland

Asahi Beer tower and the 'golden turd'


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