Tuesday, December 27, 2011

(belated) Monday Links

After the several tonnes of food that I ate on Christmas day I decided to have a fairly laid back boxing day, reading, watching TV and spending the evening with friends. So here are the links I would have posted yesterday if I'd been organised!

*From the New York Times, 'A literary history of word processing'. 

*From Belle's Bookshelf, a collection of the various editions that Penguin has been releasing that would be the perfect way to spend any Christmas dollars or giftcards you received!

*From Facebook, an account everyone should follow. George Takei (from the original series of Star Trek) is freaking hilarious! He often posts comical pictures, but it's his pun-tastic captions that really make me giggle.

*From Random House, a bunch of the latest ebooks in their collection, perfectly timed in case you received an e-reader for Christmas. 

*From Guy Laramee, a series of book sculptures that will blow your freaking mind!

*From Rome, some well-deserving books are given a hospital stay. 



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