Friday, December 23, 2011

Fanart Friday: Neil Gaiman Mixed Bag

Neil Gaiman is all kinds of awesome. I mean, other than his wonderful book and comics (I mean... American Gods and Sandman..'Nuff said), he's completely involved with his fanbase. He writes funny and interesting tweets, answers questions on his tumblr and posts countless photos of his dog and beautiful wife Amanda Palmer on his blog. I'm not sure you could name a more present author around at the moment. For these reasons, and the fact that his writing is some of my favourite around I thought I'd dedicate a Fanart Friday post to the greatest messy haired author that I fangirl over all the time! Be sure to click through the links and check out more work by these talented arty guys 'n gals.

Good Omens by Noxcape

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman by heartofglitter

Neil Himself by Lerms


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