Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fanart: A Christmas Carol

Like Alice in Wonderland last week Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol inspires replications and adaptations all the time. This tale is so prolific that the moral lessons wthin it are almost naturally ingrained within your psyche from birth. I think by the time I was 6 I must have watched at least half a dozen adaptations of this classic Dickens story (my favourite was Mickey's Christmas Carol) and even now there must be at least two or three new versions every christmas. So in honour of this wonderful story I've collated a few pictures that I think perfectly encapsulate the morals, emotions and longevity of this story but put their own personal spin* on it. Why I chose a christmas story in August I'm not sure, maybe it's the fact it's winter in Australia or maybe I'm feeling a little desperate for christmas since my life is going to be a little hectic until then, either way I hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures and take the time to visit the artist's websites and deviant pages (just follow the links).

A Christmas Carol by Laura (Gasara)
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come by Verreaux
A Christmas Carol by Mac (Macryc)

A Christmas Carol by Falang

A Christmas Carol by Felicia (Fotisha)

*One of these pictures is not like the other...Could you tell which one?


  1. I love A Christmas Carol. Since I am such a huge muppets fan the Muppets Christmas Carol will always be my favourite. My sister used to make us watch the Mickey Mouse version over and over again. Great images.

  2. Oh I really loved the Muppets version as well!



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