Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fair warning

Since I'm in the "epic writing tonnes of stuff" stage of my thesis I'll probably start posting quotes and excerpts up here from it as I'm inspired. Hopefully the literary side of the blog won't falter too much over the next couple of months (I submit it on October 21st! Yay!) but I promise once I'm done I'll amp up the book reviews and dial back the zombie commentary! But to get the ball rolling I thought I'd share this quote with you since it's gracing the beginning of my introduction...

In the many ways it has been deployed in Western popular culture, however, the zombie has slowly been transformed. It has come to signify something much more complex than just the fear of death. Growing out of a wide range of cultural anxieties – From American imperialism to domestic racial tensions, Depression era fears about unemployment, Cold War paranoia about brainwashing, post-1960s political disenfranchisement and AIDS era body horror –the zombie has become, as we will see, a potent symbol of the apocalypse.

-Jamie Russell The Book of the Dead


  1. Sounds like a good thesis so far. Good luck getting it all finished!

  2. God, I just got really confused as to why you're handing in your thesis in October (good luck with that by the way, I'm sure it'll be great!) and then I remembered you're Australian, now is winter, everything is all upside down and crazy there, and you get to have Christmas on the beach! You'd think I'd remember shit like that with the amount of Neighbours I've seen in my life... (sad but true!)



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