Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Links

*The idea that William Shakespeare didn't actually write his plays has been bandied around by academics for years, and even though the chances of ever finding out for sure relies on Doctor Who being real and transporting someone reputable back in time to find some sort of proof it's an idea people don't seem to like to let go of. It's possibly the biggest literary conspiracy theory in circulation today. Anyway, the film Anonymous in this trailer deals with this issue by suggesting old Billy Shakes was just a stand-in so that certain messages could reach the public under the guise of entertainment because words are power.

*Fear and Loathing in Australian Politics. A Blog post about the complexities of gender within politics from someone on the inside. Quite an interesting read.

*When Duty Calls: An unfinished screenplay by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network).  A short dialogue between Rupert Murdoch and Joel Klein.

*Aussie August! A group of Australian book bloggers banded together and have created a month of interesting posts, giveaways, discussions that all focus on Australia and books.

*The car accident that cost Albert Camus his life in 1960 may not have been an accident afterall. Instead it may have been a murder plot orchestrated by the KGB. (Note: read with a pinch of salt)

*Coma Calm features a new book trailer that she's found online each week. The latest is a short trailer for Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. It's worth a watch just to listen to Neil Gaiman narrate...seriously, how wonderful is his voice?! 


  1. Anonymous looks a lot more entertaining than Shakespeare in Love (blah! How I loathe this movie). I'll most likely see it.

    I always felt there was something fishy about Camus's death. Damn conspiracies.

  2. Oh I do love a good conspiracy, and the more convoluted and lacking in fact the better!

    Camus always said the worst way to die would be in a car accident, so perhaps this was their ultimate form of revenge on him!



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