Sunday, August 7, 2011

Behind the Blog: Bookshelves edition part 3

So this week we have one of my major bookshelves that houses a fair brunt of my books. Previously it held whatever books I could squeeze into any gaps that remained but a few weeks ago I decided to reorganise my shelves since it was becoming impossible to find anything. This set of shelves has become my genre shelf and features all my horror, sci-fi, fantasy and other similar style of books. Before I go any further I should probably correct myself by saying our bookshelves and books, since Tom and I have consolidated all our bits and pieces and they're all inter-mingling in these shelves.

This bookshelf was a 'gift' from a housemate when she moved out of town and while the collage makes it look like it's rather oddly shaped (which it isn't) it is in fact on a slight lean that frustrates me to no end! So basically the system on this shelf goes, from top to bottom, left to right: biographies, science fiction, travel and language, non-fiction, kids/YA fantasy, this month's to read stacked on top of the HP boxset, fantasy, horror, crime/mystery, and action.The problem with this shelf is that so many of my genre editions of books are from second hand stores and are hardcover and therefore huge. This made it difficult seeing as I usually try to put my big/heavy books on the bottom shelves and and if need be on the outer edges of the higher shelves. Since I was trying to keep everything in their sections that made it hard to organise the books by size like I'd like to so it isn't as neat and orderly as I'd like it to be. 

The Alien from 'Alien'
Terminator bobblehead
My gnome moneybox and pez dispensers
Harry Potter boxset and Harry Potter 3D glasses
Since this is my genre shelf it wouldn't be complete without some genre paraphernalia! On the top of the shelves I have a Doctor Who lunch box which I've converted into a first aid kit (get it?!) alongside our Terminator bobblehead and Justice league lunchbox. The facehugger form of Alien from Alien (and it's many sequels) guards the books from above and alongside my treasured Harry Potter and Chrestomanci books sits a small tribe of pez dispensers, elephants and large silver gnome. I love all these little bits and bobs and they fit so wonderfully with what I tried to do with the shelves.


  1. Alien and Terminator collectibles? Batman and Star Wars Pez dispensers? Harry Potter box-set? Ummm, you rule.

    I can't quite make out the J.G. Ballard novel that is on the shelf. He's one of my favorite sci-fi writers.

  2. Thanks! But I can't take all the credit, the alien, bobblehead and half the pez dispensers belong to my boyfriend!

    It's a copy of 'Kingdom Come' which I picked up a couple of months back at a book sale. I haven't read it yet but I'm eager to get into it soon!



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