Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Links

*This week's clip is how Harry Potter should have ended by the HISHE gang. It's a bit of fun and brought a smile to my face. Oh and Snape fans should get a real kick out of this one!

*Here's an excerpt from Tina Fey's book Bossypants that looks at how the rules of improvisation tie in with the ways to have successful relationships, both personal and professional.

*Here's a link to where you can sample (or buy) the book How I Became a Famous Novelist by Steve Hely. Known for his writing on 30 Rock and The Office I've heard nothing but praise for this novel. I'm hoping to get into it myself soon!

*Evanna Lynch, the actress who plays Luna Lovegood in the HP films has been sorted into a house for Pottermore with some surprising results.

*Jason over at Literature Frenzy has written a review of Graham Greene's A Burnt-Out Case which has successfully convinced me to take my copy off my bookshelf and finally give it a read.

*I'm almost at the end of my August readathon to raise money for MS Australia but you can still donate to the cause if you feel so inclined. It'd be much appreciated, by me and the wonderful people who the money would go towards. 


  1. Thanks for the kind plug to my review, Kayleigh! I'm a Greene fanboy but I do hope you enjoy the novel even though it is often considered one of his lesser works. I agree with this position to a certain extent especially considering that the The End of the Affair and The Quiet American are some of the best novels, um, ever; but A Burnt-Out Case is still vintage Greene.

    Great set of links, especially the HISHE one. Hilarious. :P

  2. I love Evanna Lynch. She is so sweet and hilarious. And I will probably be exactly the same if I don't get sorted into Ravenclaw as well.

  3. No problem Jason!! It was a great review and a great incentive to finally pull the book down off my shelf. I've just finished A Dance with Dragons so I've been wondering what I should read next, and you gave me the answer!

    Did you get the email for Pottermore Kathy? I'm waiting for the main opening of the site since I'm going to be pretty hectic with uni work until then but hopefully when I do start up I'll get into either Ravenclaw or Griffyndor.

  4. That's a brilliant alternate ending. That made me think, whatever did happen to the time turner? Why did nobody use it?!

  5. Will this be your first novel by Greene, Kayleigh? If so, please don't get your expectations too high!

    I concur, Belle. It's a huge flaw in the series for me. :(

  6. @Jason. Almost. I read The Quiet American a few years ago when I was in high school. I can't really remember it at all, but I remember liking the writing so hopefully that'll be on par in this one.

    @Belle. If I got my hands on a time turner I wouldn't be giving it back any time soon ESPECIALLY when they destroy the rest of them at the ministry of magic in book 5!



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