Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Links

*The video this week isn't literary or bookish at all but I thought it was both funny and rather indicative of an area of our (Western) culture so I thought I'd share it with all of you.

*I do have a bookish video to share with you but it's rated 18+ so you'll need to sign in to Youtube if you want to view it.This video is a reading of Adam Mansbach's Go the Fuck to Sleep by Australian actress Noni Hazelhurst. You may be thinking "meh, but I can watch Samuel Jackson read it why would I watch some dinky Australian I don't know read through it?" and perhaps you'd be right since you don't know the context. Basically Noni, apart from being a highly successful film and television actress here in Australia, used to host Play School and read very similar stories to send myself and countless other children to sleep for our mid-day naps. It's devilishly good to see her combine that persona and swearing!

*Cinemagraphs is an absolutely breathtaking fashion editorial which combines beautiful pictures with nifty gif technology. At first glance all you see is a picture of a beautiful girl in a gorgeous outfit in a stunning location but if you wait you'll see her hair flick in the wind, or her eyes blink and look right into yours. It's simple, beautiful and well worth a look.

*A Bit of a sneak-peek into the filming of the latest Christopher Nolan Batman extravaganza, The Dark Night Rises. It isn't much, a couple of photos, videos and some dodgy writing but it's enough to reignite the spark of excitement the teaser trailer started last month!

*Casting decisions for season 2 have been made and now all of us eager fans can put some faces to the names mentioned in book two of George R.R. Martin's fantasy series. I don't want to make any comments on whether they're likely to suit their characters until I see them in costume and makeup but for the most part I think they seem pretty good. Except the casting of Brienne. They're going to have to do some serious work on her since Brienne's ugly features are mentioned at least three times a chapter when Brienne is nearby!

*I start a month long readathon to raise money for MS Australia tomorrow! I'll be documenting progress on here with my usual reviews of what I read with the label 'MS Readathon' so you can see all of my effort with one click of a button! I've managed to raise far more than I ever expected to but the sky is the limit so if anyone wants to donate a few dollars to a more than worthy cause you can do so here.


  1. Wow, that video made me laugh so hard. Kudos to that girl for effectively parodying misogyny in today's culture and society. "What's 2+2...gonorrhea." hahaha

    Thanks for the link about Season 2 casting for GoT. I tried to find any new updates a while back but was unsuccessful. I'm excited for Carice Van Houton as Melisandre but it is doubtful she will get much screen-time considering the small role the character plays in book 2. I agree that the casting of Brienne seems rather incongruous to the way she is described in the books but maybe they are going to add a lot of make-up or just make sure she constantly wears bulky armor to enhance her physical features?

    It's wonderful that you are supporting a noble cause. Best of luck on the readathon/fund-raising for MS!

  2. On George R.R. Martin's blog he reassured people that the actress playing Briene isn't going to be as attractive in the show as she is in real life. Apparently she turned up at the audition looking exactly like Brienne is in the book, so fingers crossed!

    That video made me laugh so hard when my friend posted it on my facebook wall. I think the "2+2" line is my favourite!



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