Sunday, August 14, 2011

Behind the Blog: Bookshelves Edition part 4

Now for the second of my primary bookshelves, the first bookshelf I bought after moving out of home.

This wonderful blue set of shelves are my fiction shelves and I sort it by location...mostly. The top shelf holds the older classics (Chaucer, Dickens etc), my selection of plays, which are primarily Shakespeare and the couple of poetry books I own. From there downward the books move through Africa on to England, Scotland, Ireland, Europe (I don't have enough to specify by country!), Russia and Asia/India. The larger shelf homes my special edition and signed books and below that the books travel through Canada down to the United States and down south to Mexico and South America and then on to a shelf dedicated to Australian fiction. The final bottom shelf is a mish-mash of music books, art books, and short-story collections.  In each country group I tried to organise the books in a basic chronological order with authors work kept together.

My signed books and comics
The Godfather special boxset, Paul Smith (Maximo Park) art book and Ducktor Who
A snapshot of my United Kingdom section
How wonderful is the wooden box that my The Godfather trilogy sits within? It was a christmas present from my mum one year, I remember knocking on the present while it was wrapped up trying to work out what the hell it could be! And the Ducktor Who has a special place in my heart, and not only because it's a duck dressed up like the Doctor! Tom and I had been dating for three weeks when I celebrated my 22nd birthday and he showed up to my b'day dinner with that duck, a graphic novel and a bunch of flowers. After three weeks his present was so 'me appropriate' and far more in-line with my personality than what even my family bought for me! It was one of those 'A-ha' moments for me, and it sits proudly on that shelf in honour of the wonderful relationship that's been right since day one.

So that concludes my bookshelf tour! Technically I have one shelf left but it's full of Tom and my research books and sits in our office and is a complete mess! I'd have to do some MAJOR cleaning, tidying and organising to get it even half-way towards being blog level presentable so it'll remain unseen. In case you're curious though it houses Tom's huge collection of game design, flash and programming books, our horror and writing non-fiction books, some journalism books left from my first year and a bunch of English reference books. Along those fun topics are a few photo albums, my box of past assignments (I've kept them idea why though!) and some other office-y stuff. Exciting right!?


  1. I love that you have your fiction organized by country--I've run across a couple of travel specialty stores who do that and it's the best way to browse!

  2. Your book-shelves make me jealous. *shakes fist* :P

    Glad to see Nick Hornby and Graham Greene getting some love on your shelf. I take it you have read "A Burnt Out Case"? Such a great novel and severely underrated.

  3. I haven't read 'A burnt Out Case' yet, although it's sitting on my bookshelf screaming to be read. It's on my 'to read before 2011 ends' lists so hopefully I'll get to it soon!

    It makes life a lot easier sorting it by country and it eases the obsessive organisational side of my personality!



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