Saturday, August 6, 2011

Brisbane Writers Festival...It's going to be HUGE!

Oh my goodness guys! The Brisbane Writers Festival has released the 2011 program and it is BIG! We sometimes fall beneath Sydney and Melbourne's huge shadows but we are a capital city after all and we've managed to land some huge literary whales this year!

So who is expected this year? Johnathan Franzen, Simone Felici, Linda Jaivin, Phillip Pullman (via video cross though), Emily Rodda, and a litany of other international and national authors, comedians and actors.

It isn't about the names though, not really. For me the really exciting thing about this festival is the exchange of ideas by people who are in the industry of ideas. Over four massive days authors, scientists (the festival usually falls during science week so they have collaborative seminars), journalists, editors, bloggers and many other people talk about everything from "Philosophy in the Digital Age" to "Soundbites and Fury: Political Narrative in the Digital Age" to poetry slams and master-classes. There is literally several somethings for everyone and best of all most of the discussion seminars are free!


  1. I'm jealous. This seems like such an awesome literary event to attend.

  2. It really is Jason! I was so awestruck when I got to volunteer in the green room last year. Even with the authors I didn't know/hadn't read! I guess that's what it must be like for all those people who hang out in front of movie premieres with their autograph books!



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