Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Links

*A quirky infograph which charts luminous authors and their go-to while-writing snacks.

*Season 2 of The Walking Dead (based on the graphic novel series by the same name) airs soon but the series has been rocked by scandal now that news has leaked that creator Frank Darabont's departure wasn't his choice. He was fired.

*Stephen King has a new novel due for release in November, 11/22/63, that has a character travel back in time to try and stop the assassination of JFK. The film rights to this book have already been sold. Let's hope it lives up to the expectation!

*In other Stephen King news The Stand has received the go-ahead for a multi-film release. Yay! It's being lead by the team behind the HP & the Deathly Hollows films, director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves. Yep, easy to say, I'm pretty excited.

*First a bit of context. An Australian politician and Finance Minister, Penny Wong, is openly gay and her partner has just announced that she's pregnant. This has been in the papers and on the news as a source of celebration because "YAY in Australia we accept politicians regardless of race or sexuality" and the fact that she can live her life openly without having to closest her life away like gay politicians in other countries do. Miranda Devine is a hate-filled, angry right-winger who gets far more column space than she should (that should be 0, by the way). Devine decided to write a ratherdisgusting column (surprise, surprise) on the "issue" where she draws links to the UK riots (yeah I didn't get it either...) which has, thankfully, been rebutted by Australian comedian Tom Ballard on Youtube and blogger Max Lavergne tackled it rather creatively on tumblr just to name a coupe. Language warning...

*The boyfriend has started a tumblr and I feel a responsibility as the girlfriend to promote the crap out of it. I feel it's explain that these posts are an extension of his stand-up comedy routine and are not for the faint-of-heart. Think of the dark and disturbing comedy of Terry Gilliam, The League of Gentleman, It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia and Jam blended together and amplified by 100, then you'll be getting close...


  1. OH MY GOD, Can I just say what is wrong with Miranda Devine?! I mean, first of all fathers are the only parents who have any authority? And all the kids who were rioting last week were the children of same sex couples I suppose? And same-sex marriage is wrong because... I don't know, she doesn't like it?! And this sentence makes me literally want to puke: 'But the fact is the fathers of those children are probably long gone. There are no "parents" to take charge and exert control over their wayward children.' Hello, are we back in the fifties?

    I know you know all this... it just felt good to have a rant! hehe.

    ps I hope The Stand films are better than the tv miniseries, because that is really not very good... and yay for a new King book (even though it makes my challenge even longer... but oh well lol!)

  2. I'm not sure how it is over with you but in Australia we have a growing problem with these "opinion writers". Because they're hired for their opinions and not as journalists they don't have to have any validity to what they say but because it's in a paper there are people who still take it as truth.

    I try to stay away from these people because they make my blood boil with their ridiculous views but when I saw twitter explode over this one I had to check it out. I completely agree with your rant, the line she drew between "fatherless" youths in the UK and the child of a same sex couple is insane and her ideas of family and control are completely archaic. It makes my head bleed. I hope you didn't read the comments under her article, some of them literally made me go blind with anger!

  3. Oh and also, I've got high hopes for The Stand movies too. I've never seen the series but I'm yet to hear any positives on it. Fingers crossed these films don't go the way of some of the Stephen King adaptations!



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