Friday, August 19, 2011

Fanart Friday: Miscellaneous edition

Since I'm not the most organised person when it comes to preparng these posts in advance I often receive the OK from artists after the post that they should have featured in was published. But because they're amazing artists and their work make me all giddy I decided to compile a miscellaneous post of  the artworks that haven't yet been featured but should have. So here are a couple of images from incredible artists who have created amazing artworks inspired by Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones and American Gods. Take the time to click through the links and see the rest of their work, it may take your entire afternoon (it's rather addictive!) but it's definitely worth it!

Alice in Wonderland by Maye1a
Lyanna Stark - Game of Thrones by DubuGomdori
Ibis and Jacquel by Hal-O


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