Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Fanart: Alice in Wonderland

Long before I read the Alice stories I had fallen head over heels right down the rabbit hole for the Disney production and many of the other versions that came and went on television and film. Later I discovered the books and fell even deeper for the magical tales. Even in the film adaptations, which lack the complexity and full-on whimsy of dear Mr Carroll's version, there is something that speaks so very clearly and wonderfully to children and remains so, long after childhood has faded away. There are a wealth of artworks on Deviantart that focus on the many incarnations of Alice and the occupants of Wonderland and I've selected some of the most creative, stunning and beautifully evocative images that grace the website. Please, please, please take a look a look at the original artwork via the links and take a look-see at the other wonderful work by the artists.

Alice and the Hatter by Somefield

Alice in Wonderland by Ulafish

Vintage Alice in Wonderland by Swiss Dutchess


  1. I never liked Alice In Wonderland. It always scared me. It's the cat that leaves his grin behind. I did always admire the art work associated with it though. It seems to inspire a lot of people.

  2. You're not alone there, I have a couple of friends who told me the cheshire cat used to freak them out!

    It's possibly one of the best pieces of literature in terms of inspiration, there are so many other books, artworks, games, films etc based off this tale.



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