Friday, July 1, 2011

Fanart Friday: Harry Potter edition #2 - Weasley love

With only a handful of days left until the final film installment of Harry Potter is released I thought I'd dedicate this week to one of my favourite families, The Weasleys. I'm not going to bother going into much detail as to why they're so fabulous because I'm yet to meet a person who didn't already think so themselves, but to be brief, they're warm and welcoming, with big hearts and lots of laughs. As a family they've been through a lot, and I decided to select a few pictures that show the highs and the lows they've faced, but still demonstrate how together a family they are. Click on the links below the images to be taken to the full sized image and while you're there check out the other pics the artists have created, I know that Emily (the artist of two images today) has an entire folder dedicated to Harry Potter pictures she's made so give them a look!

The Weasleys by Sofish

The Brothers Weasley (and sister) by Katie (Buuya)

The Fightin' Weasleys by Emily Deisi

Deathly Hollows Spoilers By Emily (Deisi)


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