Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind the blog: Bookshelves edition part 2

Welcome to week two! This week is one of my favourite shelves. It's a little eclectic but houses some of my fondest literary memories. 

On this shelf I have my graphic novels and mangas, my nintendo DS games and console, Sci-fi, horror and computer magazines (the computer mags are Tom's) and some of my children and YA novels. Littered around the books and book-like things are some souvenirs from overseas, drawing mannequins, my 21st key, a fishbowl full of matchboxes from around the world and a pewter cup marking my dad as rugby team champion for 6 years in a row.

Alice in Wonderland lunchbox and London Snow globe
Planet Hollywood Hong Kong and Caxton Brisbane matchboxes

A few issues of my favourite comic series
My 21st key and dad's Rugby cup

These shelves basically began as the place I dumped anything that didn't fit on the other ones and slowly it began to merge into the incarnation you see in the above pictures. As it moved from the shambles it originated as to the organised chaos it currently embodies it's become a favourite set of shelves both visually (I love the simple wood frame with the open back) and literary. When I'm in a reading funk I can always be sure that one of my graphic novels or kids books (one of my many Roald Dahls to be sure) will help me out of it.


  1. Lovely mix of media and mementos! What is a 21st key? Is it a traditional gift for one's 21st birthday? Love the Alice lunch box in partiular!

  2. Thank you! yes, traditionally a key is given on the 21st birthday here in Australia, although I think it's probably overlooked by most people seeing as the 21st is no longer the age of consent/legal age to drink/vote/drive/marry etc anymore. The 21st birthday is still pretty big though, and the key is a pretty useful fallback present option!

  3. I spy a copy of Maus! Hells yeah :)



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