Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Links

*My new favourite tumblr is Awesome People Reading. All your favourite authors, actors and others are shown reading books, magazines, scripts etc in a variety of locations and looking more than a little stunning and bookish. 

*I highly recommend Lorelai Vashti's amazing sensory blog experience Dress, Memory. Each Friday she uploads another picture and amazingly evocative tale of an experience in that outfit for our pleasure. Amazing.

*The Guardian Blog posted an interesting discussion post about authors and the books that won them accolades but perhaps weren't their best work. Personally I found the author of the post a little "I liked them before they were cool" and overly critical of some fantastic books but it was an interesting post, especially the comments. Thanks to Thomas Quinn for sharing the link on your blog!

*Speaking of Thomas Quinn, in an attempt to collate a top 100 books list a little less boring than the BBC list he's joined forces with Big Issue Scotland to find the ultimate top 100 books ever! For more info and to add your must-reads check out his blog and facebook page.

*Robert Pinsky wrote a piece for Slate about what should (and to an extent shouldn't) be in a book review drawing on the rather well-known and horrible review of Keat's Endymion by John Wilson Croker. Interesting read for all of us writing reviews on our blogs, do you think you stack up against Pinsky's 3 golden rules?

*In case you missed the announcement on Friday I have a giveaway on at the moment! Until next Friday you have the opportunity to win one of three books! Just check out the original post or sidebar for the rules and instructions and good luck!


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