Sunday, July 24, 2011

Behind the Blog: Bookshelves edition

I love bookshelves. They add so much character to a room and personally I don't think any room is complete without a set of them! So I thought that now that I've finished my favourite covers Sunday series I'd start posting a few images of my bookshelves (as I have quite a few) and tell you a bit about them. You may have noticed a few weeks ago I asked for advice on the blog, twitter and tumblr about how to organise my shelves so I'll give you guys a bit of an update of how that went as I go.

So this first set of shelves is really just the one shelf. I have an entire side of my living room dedicated to my shelves and this one shelf was one that came ready assembled when we moved in to this house in February. It's just a little display shelf but I use it to store my book series boxsets and a bit of pop culture paraphernalia. In order to get all the image into the one picture at a decent zoom level I had to create a bit of a collage. It ain't perfect but it isn't half bad either!

So on this shelf I have my Frank McCourt boxset (Angela's Ashes, Tis and Teacher Man), my Kerouac boxset (On the Road, The Dhama Bums, The Town and the City, Lonesome Traveller, The Subterraneans and Pic), my Douglas Adams Hitchhiker's Guide boxset and my Black books DVD boxset. Alongside the collection is a three-spouted Alice in Wonderland teapot from Tokyo Disneyland, an English mailbox money-box courtesy of my mum's last trip overseas and a framed picture of my sister and I as little kiddle-winks. Above the shelf is the production poster for the Christopher Salmon animated film of Neil Gaiman's The Price (In Production) which I received for sponsoring the project on kickstarter. 

I only recently hung this picture above my shelf as before it sat propped against the wall in my bedroom but I'm really glad I moved it to this location. Not only does it fill a gap that desperately needed filling but it really completes the space and stamps in fairly large letters who I am and what kind of reader I am. At least that's how it seems to me!

Stay tuned next Sunday for part 2 of my bookshelf peek, which will be the small set of shelves below this one that I fondly refer to as the purveyor of geekdom.


  1. Yes, bookshelves make the room, don't you think? We've got 'em in every room of the house, including bathroom and kitchen. And even non-rooms like a hallway and going up the stairs.

  2. I love bookselves as well. They are my biggest (only?) reason for still buying books even though I love my e-reader.

  3. Wow in your bathroom! I love reading in the bath (although I'm constantly terrified I'll drop my book in the water) but our bathroom is far too small to keep books in it.

    I can't wait until I have a permanant address so I can go really wild with my bookshelf purchasing!

  4. What a lovely shelf! That teapot is awesome :D

  5. Thanks Belle! When I saw it at the Disneyland giftshop I knew I had to buy it, even though I had another three weeks to trek around Japan and a knack for breaking ceramics!



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