Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Links- Harry Potter edition!

My blog feed is overflowing with posts dedicated to The Boy Who Lives at the moment, I love it! I saw the film last Wednesday when it came out in Australia but since I've decided not to post a review (at least at the moment) I thought I'd link you to some amazing reviews and discussion posts I've come across on the blogs and news sites. Link up your own in the comments if you want to share your Harry love around!

*The Youtube clip above is of the Potter Puppet Pals and they're pretty fabulous. I picked this one since it was pretty Snape heavy, and Snape was by far the best part of Deathly Hallows.2. They have quite a few floating around on Youtube so if you've got a bit of spare time, check them out!

*Thomas Quinn posted his thoughts on the altered ending in the movie on his blog, Thomas Quinn.

*Honey (Sniff books, not drugs), Brodie (Eleusinian Mysteries), Liz (Planet Print) and Sonya (The Story Queen) have teamed up and dedicated an entire week to all things Potter on their blogs. They have giveaways, reviews, personal memories and creative pieces, all of which are fantastic and will help keep Harry Potter alive for a little bit longer now that the movie is out.

*Andra over at Unabridged Andra has dedicated a post to Harry Potter and the impact it had on her growing up. A sweet and moving post that you all should read.

*This was the first 'review' I read of the latest film but my favourite geek/nerd/fanboy Paul Verhoeven. It perfectly summed up what this final film means to me, a girl who grew up with HP and really psyched me up for the final film. Give it a read here.

*Now for a little shameless self-promotion. My Tumblr, Nylon Admiral Illustrated, has been a little Potter heavy these last few weeks with gifs, quotes and pics so why not give it a look-see?


  1. Aww thanks so much for the shoutout!! <3

    Hahaha totally agree with that - "My skeleton will lie in the cinema forever". When the credits started rolling, I didn't move for a couple of minutes. Because if I left that theatre, I would be walking away. No more first-time-movie experiences ever again *sob*

    Absolutely loved the movie though. SNAPE RUINED ME!!! Neville is such a badass, I am so proud of him! Everyone really performed brilliantly. My fave of the series!

  2. No problemo!

    I know what you mean, I was one of the last to leave the cinema, it was so hard to walk away! My sisters went the same night in a different city and when we spoke about it the next day they said they started crying before the film even began! Haha, I wasn't quite that bad but Snape, Fred and a few other things really had me tearing up!



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