Friday, July 15, 2011

Fanart Friday: A Clockwork Orange

Welcome to another week of Fanart Friday! I'm sure I've raved about A Clockwork Orange once or twice on this blog, but in case you've missed my previous posts full of praise I'll recap. This book is one of my absolute favourites and probably one of my most recommended. The protagonist (antagonist?) Alex is one of the most amazingly crafted characters I've ever had the pleasure of reading, he's complex and interesting and highly addictive. (if you've read the book I'm sure you'll understand!) The best thing about the book though? That'd be Nadsat, Anthony Burgess' insanely creative and down-right awesome language that mixes Cockney English with Russian and a couple of other things. In case those three sentences aren't enough to convince you this book is a bit of wickedly goodness that you must get hold of, perhaps these art pieces inspired by the book and the Kubrick film adaptation will. As always I highly recommend clicking through the links under each image because these delightful artworks are only the tip of their creative icebergs. 

By Chris Kuchta
By Rusty Shakelford

'The Clockwork Marauders' by Maeuschen27
'Total Drama Clockwork Orange' by 3hu8


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