Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mini Graphic Novel Review #13: A whole pile of awesome

Fables: Animal Farm (volume #2)

Written by: Bill Willingham, Illustrated by: Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha

Published: 2003

My Thoughts: I am so into this series. It's well written, the art is fantastic (and the cover art is SO amazing I want to frame them and hang them in my lounge), the characters are funny, unique and well-rounded. Each volume builds upon the primary characters (Snow White, Rose Red, the Big Bad Wolf etc) but draws on a different book/fairytale to centre the story around. It's political, creative, intelligent and everything that is good in the world. It's fast becoming my favourite series, can't wait to read even more.

 The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born 

Written by: Stephen King (story), Robin Furth, Peter David, Illustrated by: Jae Lee, Richard Isanove

Published: 2007

My Thoughts: Adapting Stephen King into film can go either way, but so far King graphic novel adaptations have been phenomenal. The Stand was the perfect visual companion to the book, and The Gunslinger is OMG amazing. I haven't finished the series, but these are actually prequels to the books, building on the themes and components of the books but bringing something new and awesome to the table. The art is gorgeous, the colouring is stunning and the writing reflects the original series and the overarching themes and style to perfection. If you've been wanting to get into graphic novels, and love King, then this is the series for you.

The New Deadwardians (Issue #2)

Written and illustrated by: Dan Abnett

Published: 2012

My Thoughts: I was a little lukewarm about the first issue, but it already feels like Abnett is learning from his early errors. The story, writing and art are all stronger, and i'm genuinely curious to see where this 8-part series heads. The original concept (that the wealthy became vampires to survive a zombie outbreak) was always good, but it's really beginning to live up to it's potential. An intriguing murder-mystery/crime story with supernatual elements? Yes please!


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