Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Film Trailer: Superman, Man of Steel

I frequently get into fights with one of my friends over superheroes. He LOVES Superman and Captain America and basically all of those good and shiny superheroes that I consider BORING AS SHIT. In my opinion a superhero becomes interesting when they have some sort of internal conflict they need to come to terms with, a perfect example of this is Batman, who is hands down the most complicated and awesome superhero ever created. EVER. The good news is that this trailer (and the ones that came before it) seem to imply that some conflict has been added to Superman's character. He isn't simply a super dude who saves the day, he's an alien who was ostracised as a child for being different and now has to come to terms with both issues as an adult. Finally! A Superman I can get behind. I just hope they don't go too far into emo/hipster territory, i.e. last year's shitty Spiderman remake.

Zach Snyder is a director who makes gorgeous films that are usually pretty empty, but since he didn't write this one (THANK THE GODS) and handed the reins to David S. Goyer instead, I have some faith that the promise the trailers show will be realised. Plus Christopher Nolan as a producer can't hurt. Also, Henry Cavill is a babe. That is IMPORTANT.


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