Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday Links

*I don't even understand why this video is a thing, but holy shit Barrack Obama playing Daniel Day Lewis playing Barrack Obama is the single most wonderful thing I've ever seen in my life. And he makes fun of his ears! WATCH IT.

*The perfect single size chocolate cookie recipe. (Via Number 2 Pencil)

*9 Ways that GoT is actually a feminist TV show. I would actually love to get into a legit discussion about this, so please, please, please read this and then comment on it. (Via Buzzfeed)

*I know how much you adore fan fiction (you dirty birds) so here is some of the smuttiest fan-fic starring capital L Lit characters (Via Flavorwire)

*Cats! GPS! Where the heck do they go when they wander off?! (Via The Atlantic)

*Have you all started watching Happy Endings yet? Need a refresher WHY you should read it? (Via ME!)

*We have a few problems here in Aus, but one thing we did right was crack down on gun control after the horrendous Port Arthur Massacre. The Daily Show ran a 3-part series on it, and you should all watch it. It makes me rather proud and misty eyed. (Via Uproxx)

*An interesting collection of essays about the ongoing angst of successful authors. (Via Alan Baxter)



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