Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Reasons why you should watch Happy Endings

When I'm not reading or doing my PhD stuff I watch a lot of TV. Like a ridiculously huge amount. Unfortunately, I seem to have a habit of developing deep feelings for shows bound for cancellation, which is where Happy Endings looks like it's heading toward (knock on wood). But it isn't too late! I can't help because I'm in Australia, but all of you Americans MUST watch the show, or at least DVR it, so that people like I can enjoy it for years longer. But I'd prefer if you watch it and like it OBVIOUSLY, so here is another gif filled list that will make you a Happy Endings convert. FYI, don't search Tumblr or Google Images for gifs of this show without the safe search and learn people, you live and learn.

The Premise

After Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) leaves Dave (Zachary Knighton) at the alter for a dude on rollerblades the foundation of this crazy group of 6 is shaken as they try and make the gang hang stick. But this show isn't really about that, it's basically Friends in the late 2000s, set in Chicago with food trucks, gay guys, pop culture references, mile a minute dialogue and lots and lots of puns. And dancing, sooo much dancing! I didn't realise how much song and dance was in this till I collected the gifs. The characters are all loud and outrageous, and Max (Adam Pally) is easily one of the greatest comedic gay characters on TV because his sexuality doesn't define him, he's just a hilarious and lazy slob who happens to like dudes. So if you're a human with anything resembling a sense of humour you're sure to find *something* to like in this show. Or, y'know, ALL OF IT.

1. Max. Beautiful, disgusting, absurdly perfect Max.

 2. Alex and food (Joey Tribiani 2.0)

3. Brad and Jane. The greatest couple EVER. I will hear no arguments. NONE.

4. Penny and her unemployed cabaret singing mum (Megan Mullally)

5. Brad's twirls (What. A brother can't twirl?)

6. Halloween costumes. DOUBLE SNOOKIES!

7. Mandonna. One of Chicago's top three all-male Madonna cover-bands. 

 8. The 'I can't believe they got that past the censors' wordplay

9. The show's second greatest couple. Brad and Max. 

10. Penny, group therapist


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