Friday, May 3, 2013

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Readalong Post 3 (ALL THE TENNANTS GIFS)




To help communicate said emotions, I introduce Mr David Tennant, one of the most giffable people EVER.

So to recap since I skipped last week, Ron's been poisoned twice, hormones are raging, Ginny is with Dean and Harry's all...

Other than that he's been all awesome at potions (thank you half-blood prince) and suspicious of Malfoy and it's been business as usual. Oh and all the memories, which are the MOST interesting.

Let's just jump straight to bullet points yes? Yes.

*"It's always been a bit of a risk sending your kids to Hogwarts" NO SHIT HAGRID. But at least an adult finally acknowledged it.

*The scene where the trio get the letter from Hagrid about Aragog makes my blood boil. Just because you don't like spiders (and yes Harry and Ron have good reasons not to like them) doesn't discount the fact that this was a friend of Hagrid's FOR 50 YEARS, and considering Aragog was instrumental in Hagrid's expulsion, he's a big part of our half-giant friend's life. Don't go down to the funeral if you think it's too dangerous (like that's ever stopped them before), but don't be a pack of little bitches who ignore the feelings of a man who has done nothing but love ALL THREE OF YOU.

Correct sir, HRH could learn from our Doctor friend
*Case solved re: Malfoy and the diary. He knew it would open the chamber, didn't know it was a horcrux, wasn't supposed to release it, but did because he was scared, to kill muggle-borns and axe Dumbles.

*"The lightning-struck tower. Calamity. Disaster. Coming nearer all the time..." So is Trelawney a Voldemort related seer only?

*This is the book where both Harry and Malfoy realise that reality isn't the same as imagination. Yes you hate Malfoy, but slicing him open makes it pretty clear very quickly that you don't actually dislike him as much as you always thought. And the power that comes with being a Death Eater seems cool when the big man is "dead" but less cool when he's back and holding your life in his hands.

*So what exactly constitutes luck? I mean, I get the coincidence things, but Harry knowing which buttons to press so to speak isn't really lucky is it? Nor is knowing that Slughorn won't remember anything in the morning. I mean, I guess it is sort of???

*Poor Harry during that prophesy explanation. Dumbledore's being all intellectual and paradox-y and "Do Not Compute" is basically flashing over Harry's head the whole time.

*I don't hate Harry and Ginny, but I don't like that match either. However I would be lying if I said I didn't cooo and get all smiley at their big kiss after the quidditch match.

*The pygmy puff tattoo is on Ron's stomach, with his bellybutton as a mouth. He can make it talk by tensing his stomach muscles.

*Hermione, GIRL I LOVE YOU. All through her argument with Harry about the half-blood prince I'm just fist-pumping and GUUUUURLing. Because yeah, what proof is there that it's a guy? None, and even though Harry has long been friend's with Hermione, it doesn't mean he doesn't consider her something of an exception to the rule.

*"You were never much of a seer, but a wonderful object" Sort of sums up Harry in the entire series doesn't it?

*One of my favourite things in this series is the admiration of intellect and creativity. There's that wicked little scene in PS/SS when Ollivander tips his cap at the great (terrible, but great indeed) things V did. Dumbledore's admiration and disappointment of Voldemort always confused me a little as a kid reading the series, but now I can't wait to find those moments. The scene at the cave door is great, I love that Dumbledore sees it as crude and is disappointed in Voldemort. I would have killed for more scenes between those two.

*The cave scene is TENSE, but is anyone else sad that Voldemort didn't use the same theatrics for his other horcruxes? No more lakes of inferi, or blood doors, or hiding things within basins of evil liquid.

*Everything evil in the wizarding world is defeated by fire. You'd think the dark wizards would have sorted that shit out by now, I mean, come on guys.

*"I'm not worried Harry, I am with you"

*This is the part where the film really fell short. For some unknown reason they eliminated the fight scene. Instead Malfoy let's the death eaters into the castle, he goes up to kill Dumbledore with Snape and Bellatrix Lestrange walks down a couple of tables smashing glass. Since they weren't needed for a fight, why was it so important for Malfoy to get those cabinets working? Exactly, it wasn't. Stupid movie, cut out that bullshit new scene setting the burrow on fire and re-film this now please.

*"Severus...please" Have two words elicited as much debate in all the universe?

*I can't even write about the next chapter, so I'll leave it up to Tennant. Take it away handsome.

*"McGonagall sways slightly" I will always be Team McGonagall/Dumbledore. Not romantically, but I want them to be two older magic friends who go on holiday together and perhaps share a house where they drink a lot of tea. Him in velvet, her in tartan. I feel sorry for her most of all after Dumbledore's death.

*I actually really like that most of the fight was relayed back in a conversation, because it means that the battle in DH is that much more extreme and intense.

*Malfoy actually did a pretty fantastic job with his plan. So kudos for that ferret-face.

*Was RAB a puzzle for anyone?

*Fleur. Yes. The bullshit that preceded this is all worth it for this one redeeming scene. SHE IS BOSS.

*Say what you will about Harry/Ginny, I have so much respect for him ending it because he doesn't want her to be targeted. That's very grown up, and must have been tough.

And that about wraps up what became a super long, super exhausting post. I think Tennant performed most admirably, but I'd hate to finish this post with him being all sad and annoyed. So here's David Tennant with a kitten. Makes everything a little bit better right?


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