Monday, May 27, 2013

Monday Links

*^^If you're cool (and I know you guys are) then you watch Parks and Recreation. If you're up to date you would have seen Patton Oswalt's Star Wars filibuster and I'm sure you appreciated the genius of it. Well, now you can appreciate it EVEN MORE by watching this animated version.

*Because it isn't a Monday Links without Disney, here are some famous Disney characters reimagined as college students (Via Buzzfeed)

*Don't like Disney? Well if you prefer The Joker and other pop-culture characters, then here are some fantastic illustrations of these guys and gals chillin' out. (Via Uproxx)

*I love, love, love sneak peaks at how authors write or edit their books. Here are a bunch of handwritten outlines to some of our favourite books. The details in some of them are phenomenal (incidentally I now realise why my stories never work!). (via Flavorwire)

*The English language is bonkers. If you've ever wondered why there are Ks at the start of knight and knife, or why other words seemingly make no sense or go back on other spelling rules there here are some of the answers. (Via Mental Floss)

*So Amazon is going to publish fan-fiction....John Birmingham discusses the issues and complexities that this latest project entails. Plus side though, HP FAN-FICTION FOR EVERYONE! (Via Cheeseburger Gothic)

*Moomins are awesome, there is no denying that, but did you know that they are also instrumental in helping us understand the complexities of life? Well here are 50 ways they do just that. (Via Buzzfeed)

*And in honour of the new episodes of Arrested Development (which I also get to use because I was told a sneaky trick to make Netflix think I'm in America!!), here's a supremo mash up of Arrested Development and The Godfather. It's perfect.


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