Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday Links (on Tuesday)

*I'm a little late to share, but here's the interesting coverflip experiment Maureen Johnson conducted the other week on Twitter. I think a couple of them are a little ridiculous, but there's no doubt that book's aimed at females tend to be redonkulous. (Via Huffington Post)

*Why not start the week reading about what the 150 smartest scientists are worried about. (Via Motherboard)

*As a genre enthusiast doing a literature degree I always got into fights on why Stephen King and Harry Potter were valid examples of quality writing. I wish I'd had this link of '30 things to say to book snobs' to share then, because then I could have saved my breath! (Via Book Trust)

*I've noticed a lot of bloggers being pretty negative about the new Gatsby film (without having seen it, by the way) but I found this article about Luhrmann's changes and choices for the film fascinating. (Via Huffington Post)

*Joss Whedon's on Twitter (maybe) as @JossActual. And in case it isn't actually him, here's a fun collection of his past small ventures into the twitter world. (Via Buzzfeed)


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