Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Links

*^^ Because more people need to know who Chris Hadfield are, and him singing Space Oddity IN SPACE in a bonus.

*Because I am a lady on the internet I obviously love cats. But did you realise ladies were meme-ing up cat during the women's suffrage movement? Yep, take a look. (Via Buzzfeed)

*Worth 1000 set the task to insert celebrities into famous paintings. The results are (mostly) amazing. Especially the Keanu Reeves one. You have to see it. (Via Worth 1000)

*JKR is auctioning off a first edition annotated copy of HP&PS and I WANTS IT, I WANTS IT SO BAD! (Via The Daily Mail)

*Fandoms aren't great when it comes to making changes, even if the changes don't actually impact on the story in anyway. For example. Black Spiderman. Seriously, it's meant to be a youth in New York who is completely normal and nothing special, gets a spider bite and then spends much of his life saving the world COMPLETELY MASKED. But anyway, here's an article about that. It's a pretty flawed article, but the comments are fascinating.  (Via Cracked)


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