Friday, January 13, 2012

Fanart Friday: Harry Potter edition #3 - Ron Weasley

I've seen a lot of hate around the book blogs for the youngest Weasley male, and I honestly don't understand it. Sure he whines on occassion, but what do you expect from a boy who has been overshadowed since the day he was born? All his older siblings are talented and successful in their own particular ways, and his best friend is the only one to ever survive the killing curse from the number one wizard to fear. It's enough to crush anyone's self-confidence. Personally I enjoyed the growth of Ron's character far more than most, like Longbottom, he had a long way to climb just to be considered on par with the rest of the people around him, but with the continual support of his friend's and family and his own awakening to his true potential, he became quite the hero in his own right. So continue the Weasley hate if you must, but as you take a squiz at these fantastic creations of my favourite red head (apart from my boyfriend of course), try to cast those aspersions aside and enjoy the work before you, and take a peek at the other creations these wonderful artists have created.

Ron Weasley by Ninidu

Ron Weasley by Chrisables

Ron Weasley by PrimeHunter

Weasley is our King by Jenny (Gold-Seven)


  1. Weasley hate?? buaha...they are the most loveable characters in the entire series!!

  2. Love all of these! I especially love the one done by Ninidu.

  3. @Hala, only hate at Ron. For some reason, quite a few blogs I visit really seem to hate him! I agree that they're the best family in the series though!

    @Jenni, I know, they're all amazing. And there are literally 1000s of pictures of this quality on Deviant Art of Ron Weasley. It's insane!

  4. I love Ron, he's been my favorite character from the beginning.

  5. Ron was one of my favourites too. Love the third one, looks very much like him the actor in the first film.



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