Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Links

*Milwaukee public library gets creative with their advertising campaign. ^

*Why write novels at all? (New York Times)

*How was Microsoft word changed the writing process. (The Guardian)

*The 50 "coolest" books ever (The Shortlist)

*Famous literary friendships (The Daily Beast)

*The silly yet real perspectives on Stephen King as a writer (LA Times)

*McDonald's in the UK are going to offer books (and finger puppets) instead of toys in their happy meals. (Huffington Post)


  1. haha, those ads are brilliant! I have mixed feelings about the McDonals thing - at first I was like, THAT'S AWESOME! But then I remembered how bad Happy Meals are for the kiddies.

  2. Yeah, I was thinking that too. But I guess it really depends how often you're letting your kids have McD.

  3. I really liked that Stephen King article! Oh maaan I love him :)



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