Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Links

*I can't wait to have kids so I can dress them up in costumes and take photos of them. Damn, they're going to hate me so, so much! (CubicleBot)

*A lucky charity store found themselves in possession of a signed limited edition Conan Doyle novel! Eeep! (BBC)

*Francis Firebrace is an Aboriginal elder who is known for his wonderful tales of the Dreamtime. Help him live on by contributing to this Kickstarter-style project to create a film about him. (Indiegogo)

*Alan Moore meets the men and women who now where his V for Vendetta mask in their Occupy protests. A really interesting video. (Washington Post)

*It's National Year of Reading here in Australia!! Check out the official website for events, messages and wonderful thingymagigos! (Love2Read)

*The top 5 crazy/genius crime writers. Worth it just for the James Ellroy video. Seriously. He's kind of my new favourite person. (litreactor)

*A review of Coleson Whitehead's new zombie "with brains" book Zone One. Some interesting passing statements of the genre and literature (Sydney Morning Herald)


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