Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Links

*Gangsta Atticus Finch

*Stephen King's top 20 of 2011

*If famous writers had written Twilight. (Most are a little lame, but there's the occassional gem)

*What if Ryan Gosling worked in publishing? A spin on the feminist Ryan Gosling memes floating around.

*A newly opened archive has provided the reasons why Tolkein, Robert Frost, Graham Green and EM Forster didn't receive the 1961 Nobel Prize.

*Should we pay attention to book reviewers? An interesting read for all you bloggers.


  1. Glad I wasn't drinking tea (or anything else) when I saw that Gangsta Atticus image!

  2. GAH! Thank you for that Ryan Gosling meme. I can't get enough of him/his memes, and him combined with books is like heaven. Throw in the puppies from Puppies vs Ryan Gosling and I'm pretty much set for life.

  3. Ah, Gosling! And Stephen King's top 20 of 2011 was veeery interesting (I now want to start watching Breaking Bad SO BADLY, and I desperately want to read Talk Talk, which I've had for ages... the power of King!) Extra awesome links this week :)

  4. Isn't it fantastic Crowe! I've got it as my computer background at the moment, makes me giggle everytime I turn on my computer.

    @Belle, maybe you should create a new tumblr adding the puppies to these publishing pics, you'd have 10000 follows in minutes!

    @Laura, yeah I basically copied down everything he wrote and marked it as to read/watch/listen. Yay Stephen King!



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