Friday, January 6, 2012

Fanart Friday: Revised book covers

I know the saying is "don't judge a book by it's cover" but I really can't help it, I'm attracted to books with good looking covers. For me this typically means minimal artistic renderings with an absence of any photographs of people. (Actually, if you'd like to, you can check out the series of posts where I wax lyrical about my favourite covers). Anyway. I often look at book covers and think "what the hell is this piece of crap?!" Some covers are so repellent that it's hard to believe there could possibly be a quality book between the cover art, and I'm sure that more than once (or 10 times) I've missed out on a book purely because I can't bare to look at the glossy cover with the amateur photoshop job on the front. So in the spirit of pretty book covers that make you wish you had a copy right there in front of you, here are a bunch of fantastic artistic pieces that recreate or revise books covers with their own creative spin. I should add, none of these are books I think have shite covers normally, these covers just kick extra ass. I think The Shining and the series of Harry Potters are probably my favourites. Minimalistic design... FUCK YEAH!

It by Blaze-01

It by WhiteKnight222

The Shining by Traumatron

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Shinigami1289

Neverwhere by AnirBrokenear
Good Omens by Chisaru-Chen
Harry Potter Covers by Missunderstood


  1. The It covers are actually terrifying! Which, you know, pretty much prepares you for what you get! I do like The Shining cover, only it's WRONG because it's all movie-fied and that movie is all wrong! (I know it's a masterpiece and all, but it sort of has nothing to do with the book. That's all I'm sayin'!) Oh yeah, and one more- my Goblet of Fire cover would so be the scene when Harry's in the Prefects' bathroom, because that's possibly my favourite bit of all the books! :)

  2. The Shining cover is only wrong if you keep the type in it, you can remove that and it more than perfectly fits within the book as well.

    Which part of that scene would you use? When Mertyle is peeking under the water at Harry's downstairs business?!

  3. I love those Harry Potter covers at the end.

  4. These are great! I agree, I generally hate covers with photos - especially with heads chopped off!

  5. @Kathy, I think because Harry Potter is such a modern classic series we'll see a lot of special edition covers come out over the years, and I'd be surprised if they don't try something like that series of pictures for older readers at some point.

    @Belle, I know! Where did the idea to cut the heads off come from? Maybe it is a cost-cutting measure so they don't have to pay as much/any royalties to the model?

  6. Great selection. Have to say that first It cover scares me ever so slightly.



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