Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Links

*From Youtube, ^ Stephen King discusses short stories.

*From the Paris Review, the symbolism survey. In the 1960s, a student sent out a survey to 150 authors regarding symbolism in novels. The Paris Review have a posted facsimilies of a bunch of them for your enjoyment. My thoughts: I'd love to discuss this subject with Ray Bradbury, John Updike has beautiful handwriting and Ayn Rand proves she's as much of a bitch as I gathered from her writing.

*From Muggle Net, Warner Bros is lobbying for some Oscar nominations for the final Harry Potter film.

*From Penguin's Tumblr, a wonderful book installation by Anouk Kruithof.


  1. I love Stephen King's face! And voice! And implicit criticism of American Idol and similar shows, and, you know, people :D

  2. Yeah I want to make him my phone ringtone "People are goddamn lazy" "it's a grab bag, it's a pinata" are the top 2 contenders at the moment. I've got another Stephen King related post to include in next week's link up. It's pretty great.



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