Friday, January 20, 2012

Fanart Friday: The Chrestomanci series

If you've read any of my Top 10 Tuesday posts you'll be well aware how much I loved reading The Chrestomanci Series growing up (and still do for that matter). As I sat at my computer wondering what book to do next for Fanart Friday I almost punched myself when I realised I've never yet focused on this marvellous series filled with magic, multi-lived (which is definitely a word) wizards, dragons, mermaids, parallel worlds, dream walking and all other kinds of fantasy goodies. Before becoming a book blogger I never found anyone who'd read this book (except the people I eagerly thrust my copies at) so imagine my surprise (and delight) when I typed "Chrestomanci" into the Deviantart search field and found hundreds of pictures of my favourite characters and worlds!! Here are a collection but they're simply the tip of the iceberg. Do yourself a favour and follow the links and discover the others works these artists have created, and the other Chrestomanci art making the rounds of Deviant.

Chrestomanci by PinayChicksRock

Chrestomanci Designs by Chira-Chira

Fun with markers no.1 by Nolleny

Oh Clistoffer by Monotogne

Spirit Friends by IheartNargles

The Chrestomanci by Miz-zy

Chant Girls by WingedLioness


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