Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Favourite covers: John Updike's Rabbit Redux

I came across this book during one of my forays amongst the expansive Brisbane book sale known as Book Fest. To be perfectly honest, if I hadn't been so attracted to the cover (and the price at $2) I probably wouldn't have picked it up. Nothing against John Updike but I already had about 10 books in my arms and a desperately low bank balance, so if this had been some kind of photographic cover or without the dust cover I would have left it for someone else. I love the red, white and blue stripes across the cover and then the slightly out of kilter lines in the circle surrounding the title box. That black title and author box almost looks out of place, like it's an older more traditional cover, but I love how it juxtaposes with the trippy lines and the little moon (planet?) up in the top right corner.


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