Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tumblr'ing along

I've been pondering about whether or not to take the plunge and create a Tumblr blog for quite awhile now and last night I decided 'why the hell not' and I set one up. It's called Nylon Admiral, Illustrated, at least for the moment and it will basically be filled with all the photos, gifs, quotes and what-not that I want to share and that inspire me but that I think would bog down this bloggy wog!

If you follow me on twitter you may have seen how often I post links to websites and tumblrs I enjoy already, so this is just a way of trying to consolidate all of that in the one space. Plus I have the freedom on Tumblr to let my fangirl flag fly and spam the thing with HP and Doctor Who gifs, pictures and videos without feeling guilty!

Don't worry, it won't be taking away from my time here, I'll still be doing my usual memes, challenges, reviews and discussion points, but there'll be fewer image or quote posts because Tumbr is simply a better medium for that sort of thing. It's all very new so who knows if I'll even keep it up, but for now that's the plan so we'll see how I go! I'll add a link for it to my sidebar soon, but if you want to check it out now head over to


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