Sunday, June 5, 2011

A brief update

So this weekend has been a little chaotic... at best! I've been struggling over this exam/assignment, changing focus slightly one way and then back and then in another direction and then back again, so I'll be extremely happy once I hand it in tomorrow evening and had wash my hands of it! On top of that I spilled coffee all over my laptop and have practically been breathing into a paper bag for the past 8 hours hoping it'd survive, which I'm happy to report it has!

Today is my wonderful uncle Rowan's birthday and by some form of kismet I met my original fundraising aim for the MS Readathon! If you've read my earlier post you'll know that my uncle is the reason I took part in the challenge as a kid and the reason I joined up this year when I heard they'd opened it up to adults. So I've upped the ante and am now aiming for $500 which I think is definitely achievable considering I've got another month and a half to fundraise...although my parents have both already gone above and beyond the parental duty so maybe it will be harder than this first hurdle!


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