Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Haul

This weekend was the mid-year Bookfest so on Saturday T and I headed over to the convention centre to stake out some bargains. There was a great selection this year, I found the most beautiful leather bound edition of Wuthering Heights for $2.50, it's just a pity I hate that book!! We decided not to spend too much money so we tried to be a little selective so I had to whittle my massive pile down quite a bit. I was a little sad to leave some of the books behind but I'm pretty excited to get into the books we did come home with!

John Updike - The Witches of Eastwick
Irvine Welsh - Filth
J.G. Ballard - Kingdom Come
S.E.  Hinton - The Outsiders
James Joyce - Ullyses
Margaret Atwood - The Blind Assassin
Ben Elton - Post Mortem
James Herbert - Moon, Shine, The Dark, Fluke
Clive Barker - Weave World
Stephen King - Nightmares and Dreamscapes
George R.R. Martin - A Feast For Crows
George R.R. Martin - A Storm of Swords


  1. Awesome haul! There's a big book sale at my library this Saturday and I'm anxiously counting down the days!

  2. Weave World is such a good book. I prefer Imajica, but that one is my second favorite Barker novel.

    Now you're making me wish there was a book sale in my area again. LOL

  3. @Bekka, library sales are the bomb-diggity, I think most of my books as a kid came from library sales although I don't get to many any more (this is my main booksale action for the year).

    @Gabe, I've only read a few Clive Barker books so I'm looking forward to getting into this, and eventually Imajica too. Book sales rock, $2 pricetags make me happier than just about anything else!

  4. Nice haul I read Nightmares and Dreamscapes years ago. Although I don't remember any of them there were some good short stories in there. Always meant to watch the tv show.

    I am sure I have Kingdom Come in my tbr pile somewhere. Blind Assassin is my favourite Margaret Atwood.



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