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Top 10 Tuesday: Why I love being a book blogger/bookish person

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This week is the one year blogoversary for the folks over at the Broke and the Bookish (congrats guys!) so to commemorate the topic for the week is the top ten reasons why being a book blogger or just plain ol' bookish person is the bee's knees, the cat's pajamas and any other superb aspect of animal clothing or body parts!

I've been blogging since last August, but it wasn't until about March this year that I really settled into the groove of things and found my own personal rhythm. I've been a bookish person for far, far longer and even if my blogging slows or stops altogether, I know I'll be reading until the day that I die. With that in mind I'm going to split this top 10 in half, 5 dedicated to the amazing aspects of blogging and 5 to the reasons reading is the shiz-nit.

In no particular order...


1. I get to meet like-minded people... Even though I studied literature at university, I've never had many friends who were quite as bookish as me. Some may read the current best-sellers or even dip their toes into the unknown waters of authors and genres that I try to recommend to them, but for much of my life I've been alone and unable to communicate how much I love books and why I love them. Through reading other blogs, and in the comment section of my own blog I've been able to form friendships with people across the globe who are as bookish and as obsessive and as desperate to discuss as I am. There are archaeologists, authors, historians, teachers, librarians, students, lawyers and on and on, and the one thing that joins all these amazing people is their love of reading and their desire to share their passion. How some of these people manage to keep up such comprehensive and amazing blogs and maintain a full-time job and in some cases a family absolutely astounds me! I could not recommend the people listed in my sidebar enough, they're all amazing people and fabulous bloggers. Do yourself a favour and visit their blogs!

2. I come across books I would never find otherwise... There are genres I always wanted to sample but never had any idea where to start. Thanks to the variety of blogs out there I get to read countless reviews  and hear which titles are to be heralded and which to steer clear of. Not to mention all the books I've heard about thanks to blogging that I am 100% certain I never would have found on my own.

3. I get to write everyday... I might not be heading down the career path of a writer or professional book blogger, but this blog gives me a reason to write down my thoughts on books, films, politics and share my opinions and words with anyone who'll listen. It's a pretty amazing experience and something I love to do.

4. It's a fantastic reason to read as many books as I can... This was one of the reasons I majored in literature, it gave me an excuse to stick my nose in a book and keep it there without feeling guilty. Sure it's more difficult now that these books aren't related to my current study but the fact that I'll be documenting my thoughts on them eventually makes me feel a little less guilty when I spend an entire Sunday in bed reading Game of Thrones instead of studying.

5. I'm learning everyday... When I look back at what I knew before I began blogging, in terms of writing reviews, discussion posts, html etc, I realise how much I've learned in quite a short period of time. I'm still learning,and while I like to think getting better at the tech sides of blogging I know there is so much still to take in and I can't wait! Education minus the 1000s of dollars in school fees? Yes please!

Being Bookish

1. I get to escape into amazing worlds everytime I open a cover... As corny and as cliche as it may be to say, every book is a new adventure. I've just emerged from Westeros (Game of Thrones) and before that I was hopping across the seedy side of America (Crooked Little Vein) and before that I was in London (The Doctor is Sick) with some of the most eccentric characters around. I've journeyed to fantastical lands that can never truly be, I've seen environments that reflect the worst and the best sides of the human condition, I've lived in the past and the future and alternative presents. Book worlds give you a taste of cultures, worlds, times and places you may never get the opportunity to see and I love them for that.

2. I'm a more understanding and compassionate person...  This is much to do with the teachings of my parents but I honestly think that being a well-read person helps you understand and empathise and stops you from jumping to ridiculous and often ignorant assumptions.

3. I've met some of my best friends between the pages...

4. I'm never bored... I know people who are completely despondent when the weather turns poorly or their bus is 20 minutes late. Me? I relish rain and couldn't care less if my bus never arrives (well...kind of) because I always have a book in my bag and am always looking for an excuse to spend a little more time indoors reading!

5. I no how to spel and use grammaer good... har, har, har! I'm a pretty shocking speller, I rely on spell-checker more than I should but compared to some people I see attempting to write emails, resumes (you wouldn't believe some of the shockers that have come into my store) and even uni assignments I'm a veritable English goddess. I remember being forced into a spelling contest in year 9 and managing to win because they used obscure words that I had come across when reading and my competitors hadn't been exposed to the cryptic spelling frequent in older English or hybrid English words.

So they're just 10 reasons why I love reading and blogging but rest assured there are dozens and dozens more! What did you all have on your lists?


  1. Great list! I'm an English major too, but that definitely doesn't mean I know a lot of people that read even close to the amount that I do...starting a book blog definitely helps with that! :)

  2. I'm like you in that I've never really had die-hard reader friends before blogging. I love having people I can talk books with in depth, there's nothing that enhances a book experience like sharing it!

  3. great 10 tops. happy reading to you

  4. I love your list. It doesn't sound childish at all. I love escaping into other worlds. I loved fantasy for that very reason and of course Harry Potter.

  5. Thanks for stopping by guys!

    @Allison and 1girl, it's amazing how many people have said they never had many bookish friends. I wonder why that is?!

    @Karen, naww Harry Potter. I was going to name it specially in the #3 for 'being bookish' but I decided to keep it more general...incidentally it seems I managed to delete the entire text for that number, whoops!

  6. I so love number five under being bookish! LMAO! I'm right there with you, and I'm sure in my top ten you will see a mass of grammar errors HA!

  7. Great list. I love escaping into different worlds too. I am hoping to read Game of Thrones soon.

  8. LOVE your reasons for loving being bookish- totally agree with all of them (except the grammar thing, I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to that!) But yes- awesome awesome awesome!

  9. @Laura, I actually haven't any problems with grammar, but I do credit my knowledge and ability almost entirely to reading. It's spelling I'm not always great at, but again, reading has helped amazingly. Also, since you say you're a bit of a grammar nerd, how annoying is it to read some attempts people make on facebook to 'write' messages/statuses!

    @Anne, get into Game of Thrones asap, sooooo amazing!

    @Linds, Thanks! Nah, I bet I won't find anything in your list!

  10. I am seriously love this list! I literally burst out laughing at your last reason! haha. Oh, hilarity, but so, so true! :-D

    New Follower!
    Go see what my top 10 is: http://bit.ly/mhLOgW


  11. All the research I've seen says that readers are more compassionate people. That's a good enough reason for me to promote reading.

    Here's my list of Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger.

  12. I think I love this list THE MOST so far!

    Seriously, like you I've learned SO MUCH from blogging from how to do html and SEO to the publishing industry to the discussion posts.


    Escaping into amazing worlds, that is SO true.

  13. "I'm a more understanding and compassionate person..." - Now that you've said it, it seems so true! I guess, reading helps you learn to just put yourself in anyone's shoes!!
    I love your list.

  14. Ha ha! I love reason number 5 on your bookish person list. I'm such a stickler for grammar and spelling that it makes me smile when others write well. :)

  15. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

  16. Great answers. I am a big fan of never being bored. Books can go anywhere with you. It's awesome.

    Here's my list

  17. #2, #4, and #5 are my favorites! I have books all over the place as well and even relish the opportunity to read for a few minutes while waiting. I actually could care less whether the bus ever comes ;)



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