Friday, June 3, 2011

Fanart Friday: Hunter S. Thompson

I love Hunter S. Thompson more than words can say. I adore him as a man and as a writer, and he has influenced my life more than anyone else I can think of. So today I honour his artistry and gonzo lifestyle with some of the most amazing artwork I've come across online. You can see the fullsize images by clicking on the link below them, and while there I highly recommend checking out their full portfolios of amazing work.

The final image is by the one and only Ben Templesmith, my absolute favourite graphic novel illustrator famed for his work on Fell and 30 Days of Night. I was floating 5 feet in the air when I received a personal reply from him saying it was ok to include his wonderful picture of HST in this edition of Fanart Friday. So to show my thanks (and support of an amazing Aussie talent) I wholeheartedly recommend you check out his Deviant art page linked under his image and also check out his official website.  Enjoy!

by ^vhm-alex

By Someofthathomegrown
By Ben Templesmith


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