Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wildcard Wednesday: Casting American Gods

"This is how it works. Every Wednesday I'll put up a prompt, but it won't be like the prompts you've seen before. Wildcard Wednesday requires bloggers to use their imaginations, to take what they read and use it in a new and unique way". {Hosted by GabrielReads}

Prompt: You're the casting director for a film based on something that you've read in the last month (novel, short story, biography, news article, cereal box, etc.). Who would your dream cast be?

This is such a good topic to welcome in the beginning period of the Book to movie challenge hosted by Two Bibliomaniacs! Everytime a film is announced the internet goes wild with conjecture, who'd be good, who'd be terrible, who has already been rumoured to be the lead...and once the names are actually released there is mass disappointment, not only because the actors chosen are the ones you'd never have thought a possibility (and usually for good reason) but also because it takes out the fun of the guessing game and the camaraderie that surrounds such games.

Anyway. I've decided to cast the wonderful Neil Gaiman book American Gods since the word is that it's being made into a tv show and obviously they could use my advice. Hilariously after I made my picks I decided if there was much going around online about who people would pick and some of the choices were absolutely mental, best example? Vin Diesel as Shadow. What the what!! Maybe it's just me and that would sound like an incredible choice to you, I know Shadow was meant to be a 'big guy' but I always imagined that as being tall with an imposing nature not being one of those muscle bound goons. Eh who knows, to each their own I guess!

Anyway, obviously with the 100s of characters in American Gods I won't be casting them all, instead it'll be a collection of the leads and some of my personal favourites. Some of the characters (Wednesday especially) had two or three actors who would be perfect so I picked my first choice and listed the others as honourable mentions, while others could only be played by one possible actor.

 Sam Worthington as Shadow

Jack Nicholson as Wednesday
Honourable mention: Brian Cox or Anthony Hopkins

  Paul Bettany as Low Key
Honourable mention: Gary Oldman

Ben Kingsley as Mr Ibis

Morgan Freeman as Mr Nancy

Jonah Hill as the Technical Kid

Ewen Bremner as Mad Sweeny

So there you have a few of my casting choices. You may have noticed I left out all the female characters, but I was having trouble finding actresses I thought both looked the part and had the acting chops to play the incredible roles Gaiman wrote. What do you guys think, got some better ideas for the casting choices I made? Give me a shout out in the comments!


  1. This is an incredible cast. I never thought about Jack Nicholson as Wednesday but now I see that it's a great choice. I always saw him as Malcolm Mcdowell. Mad props for picking Kingsley and Freeman as well.

    I'm glad you liked the book. It's one of my absolute favorites.

  2. I can't believe I forgot about Malcolm Mcdowell! I could definitely see that!

    As for Morgan Freeman, who else could I pick? Haha, I'm pretty sure Gaiman must have written that part with him in mind!



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