Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wild Card Wednesday: The Road Trip

  This is how it works. Every Wednesday I'll put up a prompt, but it won't be like the prompts you've seen before. Wildcard Wednesday requires bloggers to use their imaginations, to take what they read and use it in a new and unique way. {Hosted by GabrielReads}

Prompt:Pick one of your favorite characters and one of your lease favorite characters. Now pretend they're going on a road trip. What's the destination and how do they interact?

Now I'm not sure who is my favourite character but I certainly know who my least favourite is, a certain young lass with hair that smells like strawberries and is a heroin addict. Oh wait no, she's just someone's 'personal brand of heroin' my bad! Yes you may have guessed it, I've selected the insipid Bella Swan.

Now since I knew who I had picked for my least favourite character for this roadtrip it was a hell of a lot easier to narrow down my favourite character from the swarm of men and women I so dearly love. Who would be unlikely to sit there and listen to her whine about being separated from her dear Edward or her constant moaning about how she doesn't understand why someone so amazing loves such a plain girl as she flicks her hair for the 100th time? Who would out-crazy her crazy and see/hear more hallucinations than she? Who'd force her to stop being such a phony and force her to choose between a personal identity or continual verbal and physical attack about the monstrosity that she represents? Who? Oh that'd be Hunter S. Thompson's alter-ego Raoul Duke, the drug addled, fake hating, mad hatter gonzo journalist best known for his role in giving Las Vegas a few weeks it'll never get over.

The destination? There's no final destination, they can't stop, don't you know, everywhere is bat country now! Miss Swan is going to be stuck in that big red shark of a car until Duke runs out of drugs and comes down off his drug fuelled craze, and let me tell you, this medicine bag is much bigger than the last one. Let's just hope this indefinite road trip helps Bella wake up to her pathetic existence and grow a personality and hey, who knows maybe this'll be the trip where she discovers her own personal brand of heroin.


  1. Halfway through this post I had the urge to propose to you. LOL!

    Seriously though, this is amazing. I didn't even think of Raoul Duke (mostly because I've only seen the movie) but shoving him and Bella together is genius. I officially like your answer better than mine. :)

  2. Hahaha this could be a really fun meme, I waffled on a bit but at least flexed my creative muscles.

  3. Thanks Gabe! Seriously good meme, I'm going to enjoy this one each week!

  4. Glad you guys like it so much. Both of your posts were amazing. :)



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