Friday, November 25, 2011

Fanart Friday: The 11th Doctor

I said the other week that David Tennant is my Doctor. However that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the magnificent job that Matt Smith has done in his rendition as the 11th regeneration of our favourite Galifreyan. He's a decidedly younger and more hip(ster) imagining, what with his tight jeans, bow ties and silly hats, but his youth actually works wonderfully to juxtapose the time-worn old man that can be seen at times in his eyes. The 11th Doctor is slightly more scatterbrained than I'm used to and seems to think well through a series of tangents and strange distractions, but his vast intellect and capacity for compassion continues through to this form. His relationship with Mr and Mrs Pond is delightfully odd and heartwarmingly real and the finest moment he's seen so far takes place during the Neil Gaiman penned episode The Doctor's Wife, where we glimpse a little closer into the mind, heart and memory of the timelord who so often closes himself off. So in celebration of this new(ish) form and, in particular Gaiman's ep, I present to you some scintillating art work depicting our favourite hat-wearing alien.

The Tardis and Her Doctor by BobPsycho

Come Along Pond by Girl-On-The-Moon

Doctor Who Run by Wynahiros

The Doctor's Wife by Lortay

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