Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Links

*In honour of NaNoWriMo here are six famous books that were written in less than a month. Can you imagine writing an entire book, plus edits, in four short weeks?

*Here's a  review about Colson Whitehead's new book Zone One. The reviewer has earned my hate by looking down on genre writers and readers, but through his arrogance he managed to describe a novel that might be the book that ends my aversion to zombie fiction.

*You lucky Americans can buy a copy of John Lithgow's memoir Drama: An Actor's Education, signed by the man himself.

*An interesting review about Craig Taylor's book Londoners, which transcribes the words of hundreds of men and women about London.

*Trolls have frequently left misogynistic comments on the posts of female writers and bloggers. This article delves into the experiences of several female writers and why it needs to stop.

*A few falsehoods about booksellers.


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