Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top 10 Tuesday: Books growing dust on my shelf

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created here at The Broke and the Bookish. This feature was created because we are particularly fond of lists here at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists!

This week: Top 10 books that have been on my shelf for the longest but I've never read.

I have a shameful habit of buying books every time I venture into town, even though there are dozens sitting on my shelf. At the rate I'm going I'll never be able to catch up! The worst culprit though, is the bi-annual Bookfest held in Brisbane. The Brisbane Convention Centre is filled to capacity with books of all shapes and sizes for extremely low, low, low prices. I'd be lying if I told you I ever walked out of there with any less than 10 books, many of which are bought due to their enticing price tag and the beautiful hard covers that have aged over countless decades. Typically I snap up the classic books I tell myself I will get around to one day, or the best-sellers that I can't bring myself to pay full retail for. I don't feel too bad though, since I rarely spend much more than $30-$40 AND it goes to charity! So in honour of this fantastic literary temptation I'm going to list ten books I've bought there yet have never read (so far).

1. A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe

2. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

3. Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

4. Rabbit Redux by John Updike

5.Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol

6. A Burnt Out Case by Graham Greene

7. Ulysses by James Joyce

8. 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

9. The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike

10. The High Window by Raymond Chandler

At the very least a few of these should be read before the year is out thanks to the challenge created by Gabe specifically for this problem so many of us bibliophiles have! How about all of you? Which books on your shelves are gathering dust, and when do you think you'll manage to get around to them?


  1. I figure classics like that are good to have around for, well, forever. And if the price is right, why not?

  2. Ahh! Shakespeare! I totally forgot to mention his works! Great list!

    - Jana @ http://thatartsyreadergirl.blogspot.com/

    (Although today was my day to post the TTT at The Broke and the Bookish as well, so you may have already read my list!)

  3. I've tried to read Shakespeare a couple of times, but I just can't seem to get into most of it. I like having classic books around, at least you know they won't go out of style :0)

  4. I totally buy books from charity shops and don't read them but go 'but I donated money to charity!' I have had quite a few of these books for quite a while too- definitely haven't read A Man in Full yet because it's MASSIVE!

  5. I've read a handful of those - The Witches of Eastwick is particularly good and complerely different from the film!
    Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday post. :)

  6. I have A Man in Full on my list too! Its sheer size always makes me hesitate when I think to pull it off the shelf. One of these days I'll be brave enough to go for it! :)

  7. I have never read anything by Shakespeare that I haven't liked, but for some reason I have never picked up his anthology. Probably because I know it will sit, unread, collecting dust!

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  8. A great list of books. I have read some, liked them. I have never read Uncle Tom's Cabin.

    Here's My Post

  9. I have Uncle Tom's Cabin and Dead Souls on my TBR shelf, too. I also have The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, but haven't read it - it's in my header though! :)

  10. @Kelly, I've read individual plays and really enjoyed them, but for some reason the massive book containing them all is really intimidating!

    @Diaryofadomesticgoddess, I saw the film years and years ago and can barely remember it, but I've heard good things about the book. Hopefully I'll get to it by the end of the year.

    @Sarah and Trish, I completely agree. Classics never go out of style, and unlike some other books that I feel need to be read soon after they're released, they'll be just as good if I take another 10 years to get to them.

    @Laura, we're such selfless beings right?!

    I'll get to these books soon, but as soon as they're removed from my TBR list another bunch will take their place!!

  11. I've had the Rabbit books and Uncle Tom's Cabin on my shelves for quite some time as well. I know that it's bad now at my house because I have so many more books that I haven't read than ones I have, it isn't even funny.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. @LBC, That seems to be a recurring theme on everyone's TTT this week. So many books, so little time!

  13. Ulysses is buried somewhere deep in my TBR too - it intimidates me!

  14. I completely agree Allison. I bought it because I'm convinced it's a book I should read but will I read it? I don't know!



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